A graphical user interface for radare2: Cutter

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Radare2 is a free and open-source reverse engineering framework, which is becoming more and more popular. One of its main criticisms is that it is only usable within a terminal (CLI), and that the commands are not intuitive, making the learning curve steep. The Cutter project was created to provide an easy-to-use, but still powerful, interface to radare2 for new users. This is done with a native graphical user interface made in Qt and C++.

The goal of the talk is to present radare2 history, along with the common complaints from users, and how we try to overcome those with Cutter. I’ll be presenting the features that are already implemented, the way we allow our users to script the interface, and obviously the missing features that we will implement in a near future.

While Cutter is still under heavy development, it’s becoming more and more user-friendly and easy to use. It is becoming a great alternative to other reverse engineering tools. 

Antide Petit 
Antide is an infosec student. In 2017, he has done a GSoC on Cutter and is currently its maintainer.