Freedom Fighting Mode - Open Source Hacking Harness

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The concept of “hacking harnesses” was introduced by thegrugq at HITB Kuala Lumpur 2007 (pdf). Ever since, the subject has received virtually no attention and no such tool has been released publicly. Worse, the code that had been made available at the time is no longer online and was lost by its author. The goal of harnesses is to provide a hacking environment where security professionals can focus on red teaming activities without having to fight against their terminal to perform simple actions (such as uploading or downloading files, and executing remote commands in memory). FFM is a Python framework which was developed to fill this void. 

Ivan Kwiatkowski (@JusticeRage) 
Ivan is an OSCP and OSCE-certified penetration tester and malware analyst living in France. His day-to-day job occasionally involves incident response and delivering trainings. He maintains Manalyze, an open-source dissection tool for Windows executables and his research was presented during several cybersecurity conferences in Europe. As a digital privacy activist, he also operates an exit node of the Tor network. Ivan unwittingly rose to internet fame as a vigilante hacker by talking tech support scammers into infecting themselves with ransomware.