Open Hardware for (software) offensive security

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This talk is about using the possibilities given by open hardware during penetration testing. Indeed, open hardware offers new tools for hardware and software penetration testing. The presentation will focus on software hacking.

After a brief introduction of my favorite toys and a small review of hardware penetration testing from open hardware, the talk will describe different use cases (Wi-Fi, laptop/desktop/smartphone, internal penetration testing…) where open hardware offers: new possibilities, automation or discretion.

As this is about (open) hardware, there are always limitations, issues, etc. This talk will also offer the opportunity to share and discuss them (as well as a few solutions and calls for contribution/help). 

Antoine Cervoise 
Antoine is an IT security engineer at NTT Security, skilled in infosec incident handling, pentest and audit. He enjoys computer science, electronics and D.I.Y., beers (drinking and making) by night… and he’s fond of cigars!