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In this talk we will present Frida and Radare as separate and combined tools. Have you ever wanted to enhance your static analysis with live telemetry from a running instance of the software that you’re analyzing? Did you ever want a more visual interface for Frida to type commands instead of snippets of JavaScript? If any of the above, or none of it, then this talk is for you. 

Ole André V. Ravnås
Creator of Frida. Security Researcher at NowSecure. Polyglot hacker passionate about reverse-engineering and dynamic instrumentation.

‎Sergi Alvarez aka pancake 
Author of radare, radare2 and several other open-source tools, currently working at NowSecure as a Mobile Security Analyst. In the past has worked as a forensic analyst, embedded firmware developer and optimizing codecs in assembly for mips, sparc and arm for GStreamer at Fluendo. Interests on reverse engineering and software development.