Are there Spectre-based malware on your Android smartphone?

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The Spectre attack has had massive coverage, and I assume (nearly) everybody at Pass The Salt will have heard of it. This talk is not yet another explanation of Spectre, nor generic advice of what to do. Rather, this talk is oriented on implementation issues and answering 2 simple questions (which haven’t been addressed yet to my knowledge): 1. Is your Android smartphone vulnerable to Spectre or not? ARM has published a security advisory with a list of vulnerable processors. We’ll see that the answer isn’t as simple as checking the list. . . 2. How can we detect malware using Spectre, and are there any? The media have been quiet about that. Working for an AV company, that’s perhaps something I can contribute to. 

Axelle Apvrille 
Axelle is a happy senior researcher at Fortinet, where she hunts down any strange virus on so-called ‘smart’ devices.